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Friends and Memories That Last A Lifetime

Are you looking for a place where your child can have a blast while learning something new and exciting? Look no further than Collingwood School of Dance!

Imagine your child grinning from ear to ear, showing off their fancy footwork and twirls, and having the time of their life with their new dance buddies. It’s a heartwarming sight that’ll make any parent proud.

At our Collingwood dance studio, we’re passionate about helping kids develop their skills, grow their confidence, and achieve their full potential. We offer one-of-a-kind specialty dance programs that you won’t find at any other studio, and tailor your child’s experience to their unique interests and abilities.

Whether your child is a complete beginner or a competitive Dancer, our friendly and knowledgeable dance educators will provide the guidance and support they need to succeed. We create a positive and nurturing environment where everyone can feel comfortable, inspired, and challenged.

So why not give your child the gift of dance classes, community, and life-long confidence? At Collingwood School of Dance, they’ll not only have a blast, but they’ll also gain valuable skills, friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime. Come join us and let’s make some magic happen on the dance floor!

Happy Parents and Dancers

My daughter Emma has asked to wear her most beautiful dance uniform everyday since we had our trial class last week and then registered immediately afterwards! Even during their most busy time, the first week of classes for the year, all of the incredible teachers made her feel so cared for, special and truly saw her and she felt this fully! She has gained so much confidence from the classes that we took together at the Collingwood School of Dance as a toddler and she was fully prepared to go into a class on her own as a result of the incredible teachers and wonderful programs! We are looking forward to many more years of continuing to watch Emma grow strong and even more confident and we are beyond thankful to be a part of such a beautiful community here!

Amanda C.

“When we moved back to Collingwood I was looking for programs for our daughter. We signed up for parent and tot class and have never left. Brooklyn loves the program and Ms. Elise. When Brooklyn turned 3 she attended the dance camp and is now in prima one. We recommend the program to all our friends with young children. Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience for our daughter.”

Nicole C.

“Our daughter Isabelle started in the mom and tot class and quickly got into prima 1! She absolutely loves dancing and loves everyone at CSD! It is a great dance school and their end of the year dance recital is amazing and so cute! Izzy will be in prima 1 in the fall, and she can’t wait to continue her dance! Thanks CSD!!!”

Ashley M.

“Collingwood School of Dance is amazing. The staff are so helpful and go out of their way to make this experience positive for both child and parents. We drive all the way from Wasaga Beach to bring our daughter to this dance studio!”

Krista C.

“My little dancer is living her passion. If I look at the evolution of my little dancer, it’s unbelievable the growth she has seen in only 3 seasons. Working through her fears, while supported by her family and the teachers of Collingwood School of Dance, is an important life tool that will serve her well throughout her life. I am so thankful that I made the decision to encourage my little dancer to return for season 2 and 3. I am also so thankful for the teachers of Collingwood School of Dance, how they inspire and support these little dancers.”

Laura B.

“My daughter joined the Collingwood School of Dance (CSD) family 2 years ago. She came from a school that had brought her as far as it could in a recreational stage. She was ready to get serious about her dance, so we joined CSD. Since the change, my daughter has become the most beautiful dancer!!! Under the instructions of very talented and educated teachers, my daughter has fallen in love with dance again. The faculty team at CSD is professional, very organized and there is never any doubt of how devoted they are to the art of dance. A passion they instil in all their students.”

Virginia R.

Collingwood School of Dance

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