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Covid-19 Updates

Discover Our Covid-19 Safety Protocols

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We’re so excited to get back into the studio and see our dancers again!

Safety is our #1 priority! We have put policies and procedures in place in accordance with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, and the Ontario Ministry of Health.


UPDATE for Red Zone beginning Monday, December 14th.

Masks are required for everyone (ages 3+) inside our facility in common areas such as our store, office, hallways and waiting room. Once inside the studio and within a designated “box”, masks can be removed for dancing, because physical distancing of 3 meters can take place.

  • Before you leave the house to come to dance you will:
    • Check your child’s temperature.
    • Have them use the washroom to limit their number of washroom visits while at the studio.
  • Please use this screening tool https://covid-19.ontario.ca/school-screening/ if you are unsure about bringing your child to class.
  • If your child, or anyone in your household is sick or has been around someone that is sick they cannot come to the studio.
  • Students dancing in the upstairs studio will enter and exit the building through the front door, and Students dancing in the downstairs studio will enter and exit the building through the side door. 
  • Upstairs students will use the upstairs washroom. 
  • Downstairs students will use the downstairs washroom. 
  • Common areas in our building (waiting room and change room) will be closed until further notice. 
  • Parents and guests are not permitted in the building to wait during classes. 
  • Customers are permitted to enter the building to purchase uniforms, speak to our Customer Success Team in the office, and tour the facility when classes are not running. If possible, please contact the office (705) 293-7722 to schedule an appointment, so that we can plan and prepare for your arrival.


  • When you arrive line up outside at least 6 feet apart. Only one designated parent or guardian should drop off and pick up to encourage safe distancing. 
  • Before a student enters our facility we will ask them standard Covid-19 screening questions, and record their answers in a screening document including: 
    • Is your child experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms?
    • Does anyone in your house have any of the Covid-19 symptoms?
    • Has your child been identified as close contact?
    • Has your child traveled outside of Canada in the last 14 days?
    • These are standard questions required by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.
  • After successful completion your child will have their temperature taken, and they will be given hand sanitizer before enter our facility.
  • At the end of class, children will be released to their parent/guardian at the same door they arrived.

In The Studio

  • Our classes are limited to 10 students
  • Inside the studio each student will have their own numbered spot marker on the floor spaced 3 meters apart. 
  • Staff, teachers and assistants will wear masks when physical distancing cannot take place (helping with washroom breaks or zipping up jackets).
  • We will ensure that students and staff use hand sanitizer before and after each class. 
  • Parents will clearly label all of their belongings and water bottles with their name.
  • We will not be dancing with props or playing on equipment until further notice. With the exception of each student using their own Acro mat, which will be cleaned at the end of every class. 
  • Parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment to get their child’s uniform before their first class.

Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitizing Procedures

  • Staff will sanitize high touch surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, toilet seats and handles, and faucets at the start of each day, and every hour while classes are going on. 
  • Staff will sanitize surfaces in the studio after every class: barres, knobs, railings, Acro mats.
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