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Company Dancer Program

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What Makes A Company Dancer?

Company Dancers are passionate about dancing, training, and performing! This program gives your child the opportunity to thrive in a growth driven community, be a part of a team, build technical excellence, and develop artistic expression. Here your child will gain confidence as they work towards their goals, and reach exciting achievements. The Company Dancer Program is available to Foundation Dancers through an application process. Please email us for more info and to apply.

What will my child learn in the Company Dancer Program?

  • Develop a wider range of movement vocabulary to perform and express yourself in new and creative ways
  • Improve your technique with consistent weekly classes and rehearsals
  • Increase your determination, confidence, and self-esteem through performing and competing
  • Foster a sense of camaraderie and belonging with your teammates and dance family
  • Improve your dance skills and technique through high-level instruction
  • Broaden your skill set and become a more versatile dancer and performer through exposure to different dance styles
  • Develop better control over your movements and improve your overall fitness
  • Express your emotions and convey a story through your dance movements
  • Connect with other dancers in the industry
  • Stand out in auditions and increase your chances of landing college and university dance programs and teams, and professional dance jobs.
  • Learn time management, discipline, teamwork, and commitment
  • Create exciting memories with your teammates at workshops, performances, and competitions
  • Showcase your hard work and express yourself through dance

Company dancers take class in a variety of styles including Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, AcroDance, and Cecchetti Ballet Exam.

At Collingwood School of Dance we believe that cross-training is key in a young dancer’s journey.

collingwood competitive dance team

Our Competition Philosophy

Our competition philosophy is a very positive one! We believe a positive approach leads to a positive outcome, and there is always something greater to achieve. We want our dancers to focus on growth and achieving their personal BEST, not winning. For us, competition will always serve to motivate, inspire, and educate our dancers in a positive environment. At competition, we receive constructive criticism from experienced, knowledgeable judges with different backgrounds, and we use this feedback as a basis for improvement and growth!

While competing, our dancers also learn to respect other dancers, studios and teachers for their strengths and talents! The dance world is very small, and building positive relationships with our peers is so important. The opportunities, life lessons, and connections that come from the dance world will benefit your child’s individual growth and future success.

We are incredibly proud of the successful Company Dancer Program at Collingwood School of Dance, and we’re excited to continue to inspire and grow as dancers and individuals!


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