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Prima Star Tots Program

Get Ready For A Dance Class Your Child Will Never Forget

Prima Star Tots

Prima Star Tots is our unique caregiver and toddler dance classes created especially for Collingwood School of Dance. Classes offer a fun learning experience and special bonding time for caregivers and little ones ages 12 to 36 months.

You and your tiny tot will dance, sing and play together followed by light stretching, creative movement, obstacle courses, prop and instrument play, and so much more!

Firstly, class activities are designed to inspire your child’s imagination and self-expression.

Secondly, they develop confidence, social skills and motor skills.

Thirdly, classes are a fun and special bonding experience for the two of you!

A 45-minute class includes playtime for tots to get comfortable in the dance room, a warm up and welcome activity, individual and group dancing, structured prop play (bean bags, drums, scarves etc.), the use of imagination, and a goodbye dance. Note: With COVID-19 restrictions, we are not holding the first 15 minutes of playtime at the start of class, therefore classes are 30-minutes. We will resume the playtime portion of class as soon as we can!

  • Prima Star Tots – born 2020, 2019, 2018

Benefits of Toddler Dance Classes

  • Bond with your grown up, friends & teacher
  • Explore & learn musicality, rhythm & songs
  • Build confidence in a positive, nurturing environment
  • Play with fun instruments like maracas, drums & sticks
  • Dance with awesome props like scarves & ribbons
  • Play, socialize & develop friendships with other children
  • Practice sharing & taking turns

What’s Included

  • 8 weeks of fun and engaging Prima Star Tot Dance Classes
  • An obstacle course at the start of class to get comfortable in the dance room
  • Celebrations & certificates on the last day of each session
  • Wear your baby in a carrier or sit them in a car seat inside the dance room
  • A convenient change table is available

To discover if the Prima Star Tots program is right for you and your toddler visit our blog post, Is My Toddler Ready for Dance Classes?

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