Cecchetti Ballet Exams

Cecchetti Ballet Exams

For those looking to achieve a high level of technical proficiency, and gain formal exam certificates as part of their training, Collingwood School of Dance (CSD) students may wish to work towards taking their Cecchetti Ballet exams. Students that participate in Cecchetti Exam classes at CSD develop superior dance technique. CSD Students have a 100% success rate passing their Ballet Exams under the direction of Ms. Stone. Cecchetti Ballet Dancers from CSD can be spotted a mile away at performances and competitions because of their incredible grace, performance and skill.

Starting at age 7

Program Benefits

  • Provides a sense of accomplishment, personal achievement and pride.
  • Teaches students about growth, progress and goal setting with tangible results (a grade, an exam, a result).
  • Provides incentive to work harder and enthusiastically towards achieving a high result.
  • Instills the importance of technical precision in training to dance.
  • Provides an opportunity to enhance performance quality alongside solid technical training.
  • Students improve at a faster rate with a goal and direction.
  • Results in certification. Candidates who successfully complete their examinations hold the certificate for that level.
  • Allows students to know precisely what level they are working at from an internationally standardized syllabus.
  • CSD is a Fully Certified Cecchetti Ballet School and Exam Centre.

What’s Involved

  • Dancers train in a weekly ballet technique class
  • And a weekly Cecchetti exam class
  • Extra Cecchetti exam rehearsals the week before the official exam day
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