Outstanding Dance Classes For Kids In Collingwood

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Core Value #3: EXCELLENCE

We are certified leaders in dance education. We provide outstanding, high caliber dance training and professionalism that, together, deliver premium value to our students. 

Dance lessons, classes and training are not a regulated activity. There is no governing body out there ensuring that everyone that teaches dance classes, or opens a dance studio is trained, qualified, certified or even experienced. 

As the founder of Collingwood School of Dance, this is extremely important to me, and is actually the reason why I started CSD in 2007. I saw a need in Collingwood and the surrounding area for something better. Something closer to the quality of dance training I received when I moved away from home to train as a professional ballet student at 13 years old. Now, don’t get me wrong, we’re not teaching dance classes for kids to become professional dancers, although some of our students have taken this path after graduating from our program. Our most popular classes and programming are purely for recreational fun. The thing is… you can dance recreationally for one, two or three classes per week and still learn the foundations of correct dance technique. It all comes down to having a dance educator that understands and knows how to teach progressions. You wouldn’t give a novel to a child that is first learning to read, and the same principles apply when learning to dance. 

It makes me so proud to see how much our students, some as young as 3 years old, can learn and pick up when presented with a class that is age appropriate, engaging and taught by a professional that understands WHY the students are doing an activity and WHAT it progresses to as they move on to the next level. This really is the key to being an expert dance educator

Feel free to give us a call if you would like further information regarding any of our dance programs, information relating to the schedule, enrolment availability or if your child would like to try a class.

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Devon Stone

Director – Collingwood School of Dance