Fun & Exciting Dance Classes for Kids

Collingwood Dance

Core Value #2: FUN at our Collingwood Dance School!

We believe in teaching dance classes that are both fun and high quality. We create opportunities for our students to unite in exciting activities and celebrations throughout the year


Dancing is fun, there’s no doubt about it! Having fun is important to our Collingwood dance school. Spreading happiness and joy to our students lives is our mission. Whether it’s dressing up for spirit weeks, or celebrating a first cartwheel.

Exciting & Creative

When we register our children for extracurricular activities, we just want to see them happy, smiling, and excited. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for a child to adjust to a new environment, people, or activity, and this is perfectly normal. At CSD we are fortunate to have expert dance educators that teach exciting and creative dance classes, AND correct dance technique all at the same time. This means that as your child progresses each year, they truly are mastering the skills of a talented dancer while having fun. In other words, they’re not just mimicking what they see on youtube.


Some of the ways we bring excitement into the studio is through the special touches and magical experiences we create for our students. We celebrate achievements, acts of kindness and inclusiveness, and other examples of upholding our studio values. We present students with a “Wow Card” to acknowledge and congratulate them. Students then use their wow card to enter into a draw to be our Dancer Of The Month.

Our course, the themed studio spirit weeks I talked about in my last blog post also contribute to the fun factor around the dance studio. 


Feel free to give us a call if you would like further information regarding any of our dance programs, information relating to the schedule, enrolment availability or if your child would like to try a class.


Click here to download our Studio Info Kit with class & schedule info on our Collingwood dance school.


Devon Stone

Director – Collingwood School of Dance