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Why You Should Care About Dance Class Safety

Is your child’s safety important to you?

I’m going to assume it’s at the top of your priority list. As a mom, it’s certainly at the top of mine. So when I say, ‘Our classes are taught by qualified, expert dance educators‘, what I really mean is that we know the safest way to teach your child how to dance, while building their confidence and self-esteem.

We don’t skip important progressions of technique (building blocks) and jump to something too advanced just to have your child awkwardly and unsafely bounce around the studio. We break it down into small sections, and as your child masters each section, they are building what we call “safe and accurate technique”. In other words, they’re learning to crawl before they walk, and learning to walk before they run… but of course on a much more detailed scale.

Sometimes parents want their child at the highest level, because they think that’s what it takes to become an awesome dancer. In my 17 years as a certified dance educator, I’ve found the opposite to be true. Students that are pushed ahead too quickly never fully excel because there is always something missing, technique that was skipped along the way.

Mastery is the key to success.

I truly believe that mastery is the key to success. By mastering skills while progressing, I’ve seen my students transform into gorgeous, talented dancers.

Success isn’t instant. It takes time, hard work, dedication and commitment. Regardless of your reason for enrolling your child into dance, aren’t those pretty incredible values that will benefit your child’s future?

There are dance teachers that don’t teach safe and correct technique, because they didn’t learn it that way themselves. How can they monitor and correct, when they don’t know what correct looks like? This is why a teachers training, background and experience are so important. And when hiring our faculty, this is what sets our studio apart from the rest.

Learning to dance accurately and safely not only prevents injury, but it also protects your child from developing bad habits and poor technique, that can take years to fix. Why waste three years learning to do it the wrong way, when you can learn it correctly (and safely), in the first place?

It’s incredible to see how amazing our little dancers become when they learn from an enthusiastic teacher, using a well designed curriculum like our Prima Star Dance Program.

You might think you’ll saving a few bucks on dance classes by going to another dance studio, but ultimately your child would be falling behind our students. Always remember, good technique is safe technique, and better quality training means a safer learning experience for your child.

Have you seen our students dance?! They’re good. Like, really good! By the time our students reach an advanced level, they’re award winning dancers! Check out this video of our recreational students at recital…