Kids Dance Class Is About More Than Movements

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Core Value #4: GROWTH

We believe in growing awesome kids. Dance is about so much more than movements. Our students develop collaboration, determination, confidence, etiquette, morals, teamwork, dedication, hard work, commitment, success, resilience, perseverance, creativity and self-expression.

We believe in nurturing great dancers and awesome kids! Taking dance classes is about so much more than learning the steps. When a student graduates from CSD, or transitions into a new activity I want their experience with us to remain valuable to their life. I want our students to have gained life lessons and skills from their time at CSD that will enhance their future and positively impact the rest of their life. 

The list of skills and life lessons that come from dance classes for kids, teens and adults alike, and performing for an audience is endless, but here’s a start:

✓  Determination

✓  Setting Goals

✓  Self Confidence

✓  Passion

✓  Hard Work

✓  Etiquette

✓  Precision

✓  Talent

✓  Teamwork & Collaboration

✓  Perseverance

✓  Success & Defeat

✓  Community

✓  Self Expression & Creativity

✓  Humility & Grace


Check out this article by Shannan McQuade on the Odyssey Online, where she lists the 10 Life Lessons I Learned From Dance. 

And this article for the Radio City Rockettes listing the 5 Life Lessons You Learn From Dancing.


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Devon Stone

Director – Collingwood School of Dance