12 Reasons To Choose Collingwood School of Dance For Your Child

dance centre

✓  Our studio is built on a solid foundation of core values, and a love of dance and learning.

✓  Dedicated, passionate, expert staff welcoming you and your child. 

✓  Dance classes for kids, teens and adults that focus on teaching the foundations of correct technique using professional, exciting and creative programming.

✓  We have a variety of dance classes for kids including: Recreational, Performance Team (Competition) and Cecchetti Ballet Exams.

✓  Family friendly – no classes on long weekends or school holidays.

✓  With coordinated class schedules your child won’t have to come to the studio 5 nights a week.

✓  The Recital is a special experience for your child. We don’t place unrealistic expectations on your family time, so we keep recitals short. 

✓  All of our dance rooms are equipped with professional floating wood subfloors (a special dance floor), layered with Marley flooring on top. This is critical in providing a safe, shock-absorbent environment to help reduce the risk of injuries.

✓  Awesome Customer Success Team – organized, friendly and available to help you during the day, and during dance classes. 

✓  Specially trained dance class assistants to give your child more personal attention in dance class.

✓  Recital Costumes are gorgeous and ready for the stage!

✓  FREE Wifi for families and kids.


Feel free to give us a call if you would like further information regarding any of our dance programs, information relating to the schedule, enrolment availability or if your child would like to try a class.



Click here to download our Studio Info Kit with class & schedule info.