How Your Child Benefits From Certified Dance Classes At Collingwood School of Dance

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Teaching Dance Classes and AcroDance Classes (dance combined with gymnastics) to kids from 3-6 year olds is a special skill. Which is something that can be overlooked by parents and even some dance teachers. Parents want their kids to have fun and sometimes think that a structured dance program is going to be boring, or too hard for their child. But I believe that a structured, age-specific and developmentally appropriate dance program can be both! Which is why we focus on teaching certified dance classes at our Collingwood dance studio. Little ones are sponges, and capable of learning SO MUCH. As long as Dance and AcroDance skills are presented in a fun, encouraging and exciting environment, kids will learn important physical literacy skills and have a blast at the same time!


Physical Literacy In Dance

Physical literacy is described as the “motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life” (International Physical Literacy Association, 2017).  With children’s screen time on the rise, physical literacy is less likely to naturally develop through free play, and will need to be taught in a classroom.


Dance Classes Should Nurture The Whole Child

Dance educators have a unique opportunity to instill in our young students both physical literacy as well as social and emotional development. Dance and AcroDance classes should nurture the whole child. Social skills and emotional awareness can be included in the lesson plan when a dance class incorporates play, structure and teamwork.


How To Guide Dance Classes For Kids

This is why it’s so important for dance educators to have a professionally developed, age-specific, intelligent program to guide their dance classes for kids. And this is what makes the Prima Star Dance and Prima Star AcroDance programs at Collingwood School of Dance so unique.


A Lasting Impression On Young Children

While mastering a summersault is an impressive goal for a youngster, a dance educator who takes full advantage of their teaching time to influence physical literacy, as well as social and emotional understanding, can make a lasting impression on a young child.  Our Prima Star Dance and Prima Star AcroDance programs have been expertly designed to do just that.


To learn more about our Prima Star Dance and Prima Star AcroDance classes please download our Studio Info Kit here.