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6 Benefits of Prima Star Dance

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Finding the right dance class can be tough. Ms. Stone started the Prima Star Dance program for ages 2.5 to 6.5 at Collingwood School of Dance over eleven years ago and has been fostering a love of dance and music in children ever since.

In our 30-45 minute Prima Star Dance 1, 2, 3 & 4 classes, your Prima Star not only learns the foundation for ballet and other dance techniques, they also learn valuable life skills and social skills that help them to develop into confident, happy, caring young people.

Here are six of the skills your Prima Star Dancer develops in class:

  1. Imagination
    We nurture your child’s imagination by incorporating princesses, fairies, animals and holiday themes into every class. We ask them questions and get them involved in the creativity and stories that go along with each of our dances in class.
  2. Musicality
    Every Prima Star Dance class develops musicality and rhythm through songs, rhymes and the use of fun instruments like maracas, drums, shakers, sticks and tambourines to help your Prima Star find the beat and dance to the rhythm of the music.
  3. Social Skills
    Most importantly, Prima Star Dance classes are a safe place for your child to meet new, like-minded friends, and learn to share, interact and dance together as a group.
  4. Technique
    You may not care about your child’s dance technique now… but what if they love it and continue for years to come? You’ll be grateful that you set them up to succeed and started them in Prima Star Dance. Your Prima Star will master age-appropriate dance technique that progresses safely from one level to the next, preparing them up for the technique and skills they’ll need when they move up into our regular recreational classes for ages 7 and up. The best part is, your child won’t even realize how much they’re learning because we’ve disguised it within fun, creativity and play.
  5. Posture
    Posture is the #1 most important skill a dancer should master. It doesn’t matter how beautifully a dancer moves… if their posture is off, everything they do will look off. Prima Star Dance classes teach proper posture and poise right from the start… hidden within fun songs, stories and movements, of course.
  6. Structure
    Children thrive within a fun, creative, purposeful, and structured environment. Our Prima Stars love the consistency of their class structure and knowing what to expect. Every class is not the same, but the flow of the class is. We encourage students to stand on their special spots and travel through the studio just like they will on stage.


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