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Collingwood School of Dance is Collingwood’s largest dance school, founded over 16 years ago. Back then, it was just Ms. Stone teaching 40 students a week in a one-room studio, at the back of a building, without windows. But today, we’ve grown into a thriving community with 8 teachers, two big, bright, and fully equipped dance studios, a convenient on-site dance store, an arts and craft room, and over 250 students taking classes every week.

We’ve got something for everyone, from one-year-olds to adults, with exclusive programs and curriculum that you won’t find anywhere else. Our dance classes include Ballet, Jazz, Tap, AcroDance, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theater, Creative Movement, and Cecchetti Ballet Exams.

We believe in creating a welcoming and inclusive community here at Collingwood School of Dance. Our goal is to help you discover your passion for dance, increase your confidence and self-esteem, and achieve success through specialized, one-of-a-kind dance programs and curriculum available exclusively at our studio. Our dance educators are dedicated to fostering your growth and development, and our programs and classes are designed to be exciting, intentional and developmentally appropriate.

So, come on in and join our dance family! We can’t wait to introduce you to the exciting world of dance and see you shine on the dance floor.

Our Philosophy


Our vision is to create a world where everyone can access the magic of dance. We have witnessed first hand how dance can build character, confidence and friendships. This beautiful, enriching sport is an incredible tool to teach body awareness, self-discipline and teamwork. Through our service of teaching dance, we strive to provide exceptional coaching and leadership to our students. While striving to instill the importance of etiquette and manners, we also focus on good self-esteem and positive body image.

collingwood school of dance


Our mission is to help your child discover their passion for dance, increase their confidence and self-esteem, and achieve success through specialized, one-of-a-kind dance programs and curriculum available exclusively at Collingwood School of Dance.



We provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive learning environment where dancers and their families build meaningful and lasting friendships through collaboration and teamwork.


We inspire happiness, joy and excitement by teaching fun and entertaining dance classes. We celebrate the tremendous impact dance has on a person’s life.


We’re certified leaders in dance education. A commitment to one-of-a-kind, exceptional programs, training, and professionalism drives us to deliver outstanding value to our dancers.


Our unique, growth-focused programs nurture awesome kids. In our classes, dance is so much more than learning movements. Our dancers are taught collaboration, determination, confidence, integrity, teamwork, professionalism, work ethic, discipline, commitment, success, resilience, perseverance, creativity, and self-expression.

collingwood school of dance

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