Devon Stone

Devon Stone

Devon Stone, Owner and Artistic Director of Collingwood School of Dance has studied classical ballet for over 25 years. She opened Collingwood School of Dance in 2007 to fulfill a need in Collingwood for professionally certified and qualified, adult dance educators.

Devon Stone is a graduate of the prestigious School of Alberta Ballet Professional Teacher Training Program under the mentorship of Joyce Shietze, Chair of the Cecchetti Society of Canada, The School of Dance Professional Ballet Programme and the Dance Training Program at the Banff Performing Arts Centre.

Miss Stone is certified with the following dance organizations:

  • Cecchetti Society of Canada and Cecchetti International-Classical Ballet – Associate Diploma
  • Acrobatic Arts Professional Curriculum for Acrobatic Dance
  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology Relating to Dance

The history of Miss. Stone’s dance education:

After dancing recreationally for nine years, Miss. Stone was accepted into the Professional Ballet Training Program at the Quinte Ballet School at the age of thirteen. From there she attended Canada’s National Ballet School; and The School of Dance in Ottawa, where she graduated from their five-year Professional Ballet Program under the Artistic Direction of Joyce Shietze and Marrilee Hodgins and Co-Artistic Direction of Celia Franca.

Highlights of Miss. Stone’s dance training and performing experience:

In 1998 Miss. Stone received the prestigious Celia Franca Scholarship Award at The School of Dance. In 2000 she was given the honour of performing Psalmo de Vente, choreographed by Owen Montague for the Happy Birthday Celia Franca Gala, presented at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. In the summer of 2001 Miss. Stone was awarded a solo variation, choreographed by Brian Macdonald, while attending the Dance Training Program at the Banff Performing Arts Centre.