Parent & Tot Easter Party

Parent & Tot Easter Party

We’re hosting an Easter Fun Party for our Parent & Tot families on Tuesday, March 14th.

What’s the Easter Fun Party going to be like?

It’s just like a birthday party, but without the cake and presents. We have A LOT of fun activities planned along with an Easter themed Parent & Tot dance class.

The party is from 10:00am to 12:00pm on Tuesday, March 14th and the cost to attend is $40+hst per Toddler (along with a parent/guardian).

Here’s what we’ve planned for the Easter Fun Party:

  • 10:00am – Arrive and say hello
  • An Easter themed Parent & Tot dance class starting at 10:15
  • Followed by an Easter egg hunt around the studio (eggs filled with toys, not candy)
  • Feel free to mingle & enjoy some snacks
  • Snap some photos at our Easter themed photo booth
  • Get creative at the Easter themed craft station
  • Gift bag for every Tot

Now, the time has come to lock in your spot for the party! 


Best Offer
Option 3: 
We’re giving all of the Toddlers that are signed up for our April to May Parent & Tot session, complimentary registration to the party! That’s right, free access! All you have to do is sign up for our next Parent & Tot session by Tuesday, March 1st. Click here to view our upcoming sessions. or Click here for more information on our Parent & Tot Dance classes.


Special Offer
Option 2: 
It’s a 2 for 1 BFF discount when you sign up with a friend that has never danced at Collingwood School of Dance before. Both you and your friend will get a 50% discount when you sign up together. This is such a great deal considering all of the activities and fun we have planned for you. But I need to warn you, we can only take a limited number of Toddlers for the party and this is the one and only day we are hosting the party. BFF Discount – Both you and your friend (that has never danced at Collingwood School of Dance before) can sign up online by following this link:…

IMPORTANT: Before we can apply your 50% discount we’ll need to receive an email from you telling us to expect a sign up from your friend (using the same link above) and give us the parent & child’s full name so that we can find them in the system and apply the discount to them too. Note: Neither of you will receive the 50% discount until you have both signed up and we receive the email from you. Your credit card will be charged for the party on March 1st, so please sign up with your friend in time for us to apply your discount.

Don’t forget to forward this email to your friend so they have the signup link.


Option 1:
 Full Price – Sign up online by following this link:…

The full price to attend the party is $40+hst per Toddler. Your credit card will be charged for the party on March 1st.


It’s going to be so much fun! We can’t wait to see you there 🙂