Love Letters from our CSD Dance Families


My 3 year old daughter has had an excellent introduction to ballet. She is very excited for class every week. Thank you!

Joanna Smith, CSD Mom

 Our daughter Isabelle has been a part of the CSD family for 3 seasons now and absolutely love it! She has made some many friends and just loved to dance and be active! It is an amazing feeling being a dance mom and experiencing it with her. She looks forward to the recital every year as does our whole family just to see Izzy shine on stage 💕 Thank you to the whole CSD team for always making everyone feel welcome!

Ashley Lemay, CSD Mom


My daughter joined the Collingwood School of Dance (CSD) family 2 years ago.  She came from a school that had brought her as far as it could in a recreational stage.  She was ready to get serious about her dance, so we joined CSD.  Since the change, my daughter has become the most beautiful dancer!!!  Under the instructions of very talented and educated teachers, my daughter has fallen in love with dance again.  The faculty team at CSD is professional, very organized and there is never any doubt of how devoted they are to the art of dance.  A passion they instil in all their students.

Virginia Rae, CSD Mom

Dear wonderful teachers of Collingwood school of Dance,

Three seasons ago, my little dancer started with the Collingwood School of Dance. From the moment she could walk, music would move her, I mean really move her, it was impossible for her to even sit and eat a meal, she needed to dance. Spending hours twirling and dancing, and putting on performances for anyone and anywhere (really anywhere) she needed dance and express herself through movement. It was natural to enrol her in dance. It was time for her first recital, she was the wee age of 3. The teachers were placing the little girls on stage, all dolled up with their gorgeous tutu’s and every little girls dream of wearing stage makeup, the lights brightened, and to our surprise, she was terrified, I mean terrified to get up on stage, crying and crying, frantically looking out into the audience for her family. As the crocodile tears fell, the music started, I remember standing up and waving to her, coaching her through the dance from the audience. And she danced, tears and all, but danced and didn’t miss a beat. I was so proud of her, through her fear, she did it! I can’t imagine at three years old, looking out into the bright lights and seeing so many strange faces, how terrified she felt. I fast forward to her third season recital, and I think about the evolution of the tears. In Season 1, my little dancer danced on stage with crocodile tears, to season 3, I am now crying with joy backstage, watching my little dancer shine with a smile that could light up any heart. My little dancer is living her passion. If I look at the evolution of my little dancer, it’s unbelievable the growth she has seen in only 3 seasons. Working through her fears, while supported by her family and the teachers of Collingwood School of Dance, is an important life tool that will serve her well throughout her life. I am so thankful that I made the decision to encourage my little dancer to return for season 2 and 3. I am also so thankful for the teachers of Collingwood School of Dance, how they inspire and support these little dancers. While my little dancer is living her passion, she is learning so many life tools, and she doesn’t even know it.

a sincere Thank You! Laura

Laura Bishop, CSD Mom


Why do I choose for my daughters to take ballet exams and participate in company and competitions? Having the opportunity to dance in competitions gives my girls the chance to see other dancers perform, be critiqued by other teachers and Judges, and gain confidence through their experience. It gives them a goal to work towards and sense of accomplishment.  It’s a wonderful confidence builder and an all around wonderful experience because they learn to prepare, accomplish and reinforce all the skills they have learned during the season.  They also learn to work with others, team spirit, how to accept their results graciously and learn from others.  They learn to respect their dance teachers, their teammates and other dancers and industry professionals too. There is money and time to consider too. Both myself and my children dedicate many hours and finances to their dance training, performances, exam preparation and the actual exam. The process of training and participating in ballet exams is a valuable life lesson for my girls. Not only do they get to experience setting a goal and working towards it over an extended period of time, but they also get this incredible sense of pride and confidence when they pass their ballet exam. As their mom, I value this empowerment the most. Overall, it has been a wonderful experience for both my daughters and I would highly recommend it.

Virginia Phillips, CSD Mom


Thank you soooo much!!! Emma loves you SO much and she does not get close to many new people! She had 18 months of ear infections as a baby amd a fall that broke her front teeth and they had to be pulled out at sick kids and as a result she could not hear well and had a slight speech delay. When she talks to you it’s really special because it means she trusts you, she is just gaining her confidence, and she can’t stop talking to you! 😊 Your dance classes have brought her out of her shell sooo much! I am so thankful!!! When I show my family the videos of how well she is doing we all get choked up! Have a great rest of your day and thank you for making ours! Amanda

Amanda Clayton, CSD Mom