Meet Our Dance Educators

Devon Stone

Artistic Director, Associate Diploma CSC - CICB, AAC

Devon Stone, Owner and Artistic Director of Collingwood School of Dance has studied classical ballet for over 25 years. She opened Collingwood School of Dance in 2007 to fulfill a...
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Mariah Abbott

Dance Educator

Mariah’s passion for dance began at the age of three. She began her training at Grand River Dance Academy in Fergus, ON. She has excelled in RAD ballet exams and...
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Elise Gilbert

Dance Educator, University of Windsor

Collingwood has always been home to Elise Gilbert and dance, her first love! Dance classes started at the age of 3 and continued until she graduated high school. During this...
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Our Dance Educators

No matter what your child’s goals and aspirations are, or what their reason is for taking dance classes we believe that your child deserves a qualified dance teacher. Regardless of your child’s age or experience they deserve the best dance classes in Collingwood.

Extra Training & Experience

Your child’s Dance Educators have attended the following:

Our Certifications

Cecchetti Society of Canada Certified

The Cecchetti Method is a disciplined system of ballet instruction designed with careful regard for the laws of anatomy. The Cecchetti trained student is better able to absorb the basic principles which govern the art rather than the mere imitation of an individual’s teaching style. The Cecchetti Method offers set Syllabi for ages 7 through professional levels, student examinations, certification examinations and teacher training courses. Based on international standards, examinations are designed to give students and instructors of the Cecchetti Method a greater sense of purpose while insuring that each level has been successfully accomplished before progressing to the next. Cecchetti exam classes combined with open ballet classes provide the perfect balance of training for all dancers.

Acrobatic Arts Certified

Acrobatic Arts is a professional curriculum for acrobatic dance designed to promote excellence in tumbling, flexibility, strength, balance, contortion and partner/group stunting for dancers. Dancers will be inspired to excel, progressing through twelve exam levels.

‘Having universal certification standards would help immensely in measuring where a dancer stands on the global market before actually watching them dance. Teaching standards at the moment are random – which is why I usually do not even consult a CV before watching a video job application. The proof is in the pudding – exactly what can the dancer do, and how well? A universal standard would help control the quality of teaching as well as help students advance to the next level of their dance education only when they are ready for it. Advancing to a level above one’s capacity can be not only dangerous, but can actually have negative effects on technical training. It can cause a student to regress instead of advance.’

Rick Tjia, Senior Talent Scout for Cirque Du Soleil

School of Alberta Ballet Teacher Training Program

Ms. Stone graduated from the School of Alberta Ballet Teacher Training Program, under the mentorship of Joyce Shietze, Chair of the Cecchetti Society of Canada. This program included training in the Cecchetti Classical Ballet Method, Music Classes, Pedagogy, Applied Anatomy and Physiology Related to Dance, and assisting experienced teachers in classes.

Zumba Fitness, Zumba Kids & Zumbini Certified

Your Dance Educator is certified to teach Zumba Fitness, Zumba Kids and Zumbini classes