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Celebrating A Joyful Community Is Important For Our Dance Studio

Collingwood Dance Studio Summer Camp

Core Value #1: COMMUNITY

We celebrate a joyful community culture where inclusiveness, kindness and positive friendships are fostered.

More important than anything is the joyful community culture embraced and nurtured by our staff, students and their parents. Dancing is a fun and positive experience that brings people together. When you walk into our dance studios there’s a bright energy and inclusive vibe. We’re all learning, improving and growing towards greatness. 

Each month we host a themed studio spirit week like Halloween Dress Up, Wacky Hair, or Summer Fun to name a few. The purpose of these special weeks at the studio is to build community spirit, nurture creativity in our students, and break away from our normal day-to-day activities. Our class curriculum often matches the theme of the week and students are encouraged to develop skills that go beyond learning the fundamentals of dance technique. They begin to experience the creative process of collaboration, choreographing, teamwork and self-expression.

Feel free to give us a call at (705) 293-7722 if you would like further information regarding any of our dance programs, information relating to the schedule, enrolment availability or if your child would like to try a class.

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Devon Stone

Director – Collingwood School of Dance