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We believe that everyone deserves an amazing, high-quality dance education. Regardless of your child’s ability, goals and aspirations, we want to give them our very best, so that they feel proud and confident when they step out into the world. We believe in nurturing great humans, not just great dancers. CSD is a place where your child can make friends and feel connected to a community (our dance family). We offer plenty of super fun events and activities aside from dance classes, so that your child can really get involved and feel the love within our dance family!

Meet Our Dance Educators

Devon Stone

Artistic Director, Associate Diploma CSC - CICB, AAC

Devon Stone, Owner and Artistic Director of Collingwood School of Dance has studied classical ballet for over 25 years. She opened Collingwood School of Dance in 2007 to fulfill a...
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Elise Gilbert

Dance Educator, University of Windsor

Collingwood has always been home to Elise Gilbert and dance, her first love! Dance classes started at the age of 3 and continued until she graduated high school. During this...
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Mariah Abbott

Dance Educator

Mariah’s passion for dance began at the age of three. She began her training at Grand River Dance Academy in Fergus, ON. She has excelled in RAD ballet exams and...
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